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Now we are going digital – Beautiful, crazy ideas, fast implementation and ecology are not mutually exclusive. It is all about creating a different image. You have a choice between two products to turn your ideas into a floor covering.
PURLINE organic flooring digital is the floor covering that allows its customers the greatest possible creative freedom and at the same time meets the highest environmental compatibility and sustainability requirements.
Or do you want laminate flooring with a different look? Produced as a classic laminate floor and put in place as a creative floor, color Digital withstands the toughest applications. Be it in a shop or at trade shows, with color you set the stage with your motto and location. Turn your colour dreams and motifs into reality on your floor. Make your floor unique with the digital solutions from wineo®. From colour preferences in NCS or RAL, through to your own logos and even all-over designs on the floor, color offers your creativity the ultimate freedom.

It's so simple

Your ideas, without limits ...

Do you have a space or a project but no floor covering matches it? Get creative and design your own floor. From special colours to your own logo and even your own motifs. Come to us with your idea. We will turn it into a wineo floor.

wineo makes it possible. 


You decide whether you would like to have your floor as a laminate floor or a PURLINE organic floor. We prepare your ideas so they are fit for the floor – with your design for quick and glueless installation, or on a roll for gluing – both highly ecological.

Quick to install!

Your floor will be on view in a shop, a showroom or at a trade show in no time at all. A guaranteed eye-catcher and at the same time easy to clean, durable and ecological. Just like any wineo floor covering.

Your choice, a good one!

Laminate flooring

Produced as a classic laminate floor and put in place as a creative floor, the floor withstands the toughest applications. Be it in a shop or at trade shows, with color you set the stage with your motto or location. Your floor will come as planks in the format 853 x 329 mm with a thickness of 8 mm with the tried and tested LocTec locking system. Individual design combined with a proven product.


Quick installation thanks to the patented
LocTec locking system
Moisture-protected laminate panel
All-round micro-bevel
Resilient high gloss surface
hardened by electron beams


 Details about the product

PURLINE organic flooring


The innovative floor is predominantly made out of natural and renewable raw materials, contains no harmful additives and is completely free of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents. Moreover, PURLINE is extremely durable and easy to clean: the perfect foundation for ecological design and work.


Harmless to health
Odour neutral and emission-free
Quiet and pleasant room acoustics
Easy to clean and care for
Extremely wear-resistant and durable


 Details about the product

VersionsLaminate flooring

Single panel design

Shown here with the wineo logo as an example. Of course any other motif can be used as a single panel: pictogram, photo, text, pattern... The required logo is positioned on one panel in the format 853 mm x 329 mm. The size and colours of the logos, as well as the background colours or pattern, can be chosen freely according to your preferences. The minimum order quantity is 3 panels.


Multi-panel design

In this case there are 3 panels that can be freely designed.  The motifs should be positioned on the half format so that the profiling process does not interfere with them. A safety gap of 10 mm to the edge should be maintained for important details.  Trimming must be taken into account. The minimum order quantity is 3 panels.


All-over design

With this version, one motif is divided over the half format, in other words all 6 panels. Laying the panels randomly results in new patterns and structures.  It is also possible with this version to use combinations of the all-over design as a background and a logo or a slogan or...

Versionswineo 1500 customised

PURLINE organic flooring

The width of the roll acts as the basis for implementing your ideas. You can create your preferred motif on a width of 2 m. How often the motif is repeated, be it after 20 cm, 50 cm or 2 m, is up to you.  The motif is then repeated on the roll until it reaches 20 m.From now on you can give free reign to your creativity.  It is important that the print template has an appropriate quality of at least 300 dpi on a 1:1 scale.





So, are you interested?




Have we been able to arouse your interest for an individual wineo floor covering or do you even already have an idea that is just waiting to be implemented? Get in touch with us, we look forward to turning your ideas into reality together with you.



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